How to Make Stylish Clay Christmas Ornaments

These make-your-own clay Christmas tree ornaments and decorations are quick and easy to craft, making them an ideal DIY for the busy holiday season. The air-drying clay means that there’s no firing or kiln needed – you just roll, cut and stamp, and your decoration is good to go. These are perfect to use as personalised gift tags or as decorations to hang from your Christmas tree; you could make them for friends loved ones by personalising them with their Twitter handle or name. These are quite delicate, so be sure to gift them in person and handle with care! Here’s the step by step:
1. on a clean surface, roll out the pack of air-drying clay with a rolling pin.
2. Use cookie cutters to stamp your desired shapes and remove the excess clay.
3. Stamp the Twitter handle or name onto the clay, taking care not to snag or dent the surface with your fingers.
4. Use a darning needle to make a hanging hole at the top of the shape.
5. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours and then string with bakers twine

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