DIY Christmas Wreath Trio


-Two 24 Inch Battery Operated Pre-lit Christmas Pine Wreaths
-One 32 inch Pre-lit Wreath (purchased in 2015 from The Home Depot)
-One Martha Stewart Red Metal bow (purchased in 2015 from The Home Depot)
-One 30 ft. spool ribbon
-One spool aluminum hobby wire
-Wreath Hanger


Lay the three wreaths in a line face down onto your work space.  The 32" wreath will be in the middle.
Join the wreaths using the hobby wire.
Attach the metal bow to the 32" wreath in the center using the hobby wire.
Cut ribbon to desired length to resemble a package. I secured the ribbon by tying it onto the back of the wreath.  You will need two ribbons run vertically and one horizontally.
Decorate the 24" wreaths with ornaments.  I attached the ornaments by twisting the ornament hooks around the wreath branches.
Hang the wreath trio on your door using a metal wreath hanger.  The bow makes this trio heavy so you will need a wreath hanger that can support the weight.
Start singing Christmas carols, sip some hot chocolate, step back and admire your handy work.

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